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About Us
IIT-ians passion for studies, gave birth to Smart Achievers to deliver back to the society with an objective in mind to create a new army of IIT-ians.
Smart Achievers is founded by Mr. Dheerendra Kumar (B. Tech. Chemical Engg., IIT Delhi) and Mr. Mahesh Pandey (M.Sc. Maths, IIT Delhi).  As Educationists, we believe that a student's education is complete only when we contribute towards his/her overall development besides imparting knowledge based and career oriented education.

Smart Achievers endeavour to amalgamate the ancient values of uttermost dedication and responsibility that gave teaching a very pious and sacred status, with latest teaching methodologies so as to make the act of learning, a delectable experience. A team of diligent IIT-ians, who with the years of experience have mastered the techniques to transform even the most abstruse topics easy to comprehend, accomplishes the arduous task.   During the preparation for IIT JEE, great emphasis is laid on the fundamentals to excel in the Board examination as well.

We Provide All the Courses Which You Required to Excel in Career

Main founding classes for career building which provide base for competition


Academic classroom courses are designed to provide thorough knowledge based on CBSE syllabus


Competitive classroom courses provide in depth knowledge based various competitive exams


Competitive correspondence course provides education to distant students


Academic test series provides weekly, phase-wise progress of the student


Competitive test series is provides weekly, phase-wise progress of the students for JEE / NEET

Meet Our Directors
Dheerendra Kumar
Dheerendra Kumar
B.Tech.,IIT Delhi (Physics)
Mahesh Pandey
Mahesh Pandey
M.Sc.,IIT Delhi (Maths)

The main objective of Smart Achievers is to track the talented bunch of students from society whether they belong economically impoverished sections and hone their skills by providing a conducive environment.


Talent knows no boundaries, it is everywhere. All one needs is to spot talent and nurture it to let it blossom.


Smart Achievers believes in self-sustained learning process. Just as water has no use unless one is thirsty, true learning does not happen unless there is curiosity and a broader purpose to pursue. As the student begins to unravel the answer to a question, a myriad of other questions crop up. By looking for answers to each of the succeeding questions, the student achieves richer perspective and acquires clarity of concepts.

Our Mission