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Must Read 15 Powerful NEET Preparation Tips 2020

Is my NEET Preparation getting into the proper direction? Am I on the proper track? What more I do to offer my best shot in NEET exam? These are the questions that each NEET aspirant is battling . The competition is hard and lack of concrete decision of Govt. on NEET has made it harder.

Every year about 12 lacs candidates give NEET exam and around 50-75,000 candidates get shortlisted for counselling and from this number only 30,000 candidates get into government colleges. You have to work to get into the first 3-5% shortlisted candidates, after that chances of getting a seat in government colleges increases > 50%. Train your brain to think that you have to be in first 1% of the applying candidates. Always think positively and don’t be afraid of the competition..

To help you prepare well in defined and structured manner, we've come up with some very efficient preparatory tips. Follow these NEET Preparation Tips to secure a seat in your required medical college.

1. Don’t waste some time in brooding about NEET exam format, selection, rumours, gossips, etc. Focus your thoughts on your studies, as wasteful thoughts deduct your energy also as time.

2. Keep your NEET preparation study plan short and straightforward . Know your limits and stretch accordingly. there's no got to drown in caffeine to remain awake till late night. Tune your body naturally to regulate with the sleep-wake cycle as per your study plan.

3. Whether you wish to review at early morning or at late night, always begin your day by reading biology chapter from NCERT and at the top of the day revise the highlighted points from an equivalent chapter. Keep NCERT book as your base book, whatever additional points you learn, put stick notes on NCERT pages to stay everything at one place.

4. It’s good to possess study plan for your preparation but it should be flexible also. for instance , if you would like to review Physics in early hours and your study plan tells you to review Biology, then do what you're curious about and let your brain love it .

5. As per the toppers NEET preparation plan recommended time is 8-11 hours during a day. you'll make your schedule accordingly but important is to stay thereto . Besides NCERT reading, in Physics and Chemistry solve 75-100 numerical and objective problems a day .

6. Make a pocket diary to write down important formulas and points which you'll revise anywhere.

7. Stay healthy to remain wise. Eat healthy and diet . Stay hydrated and drink many fluids. Take sound sleep and adequate breaks in between the study schedule. don't neglect your health by starving or living on food . Remember if you fall ill, you’ll lose next few days of studying.

8. To beat procrastination, always put effort to review albeit it's little. Start small and fewer then increase the trouble with time. this manner you'll beat procrastination, and can study without fail. Reading MTG monthly magazine can help during this as magazines aren't voluminous but provide a daily dose monthly . The content presentation in magazine is additionally meticulously designed, due to which you really don’t realize that you simply have read a whole topic. It makes studying this effortless.

9. Don’t attempt to be Jack of all Trades (and master of nothing). specialise in your strength and check out improving your weak areas, but during this process don’t forget to shine your strong areas. you'll be good at Physics or Biology, remember one thing, you only need 150+ correct questions which may be from any subject.

10. Seek help from teachers, seniors or your friends for understanding topics during which you're weak. Don’t feel shy in seeking help. All you would like is an understanding of topics, and a few practice to perfect them. this is often one among the foremost important point in your NEET Preparation.

11. Make judicious use of the web for your preparation. Watch video lecturers, take online tests for NEET, watch animated videos on Biology topics to know the abstract information. In spite of its advantages, internet can engulf you with its numerous resources. you would like to stay a check on what proportion time to spend on internet which too for just study purpose.

12. It’s a sin to cram Physics formulae without understanding the bottom concepts. Most questions aren't direct. So, attempt to understand the concept behind everything you ought to such a lot in order that you'll derive the formulae by yourself once you solve application-based questions. Prepare from Rank Up Physics to find out core concepts with more understanding and clarity.

13. Chemistry may be a subject that you've got to stay on solving equations, understand the structural formation of compounds especially in chemistry. With good practice, you'll get good at it with time.

14. For Biology read, read and skim . Most questions from Biology are pretty direct, but there's such a lot information that it's really difficult to recollect even very easy questions. you've got to periodically revise the concepts to retain the vast information.

15. We hope these NEET Preparation Tips and methods will convince be fruitful in your success. you'll leave your comment and tell us your personal NEET Preparation Tips to your fellow mates. just in case you would like any advice, please be happy to ask us here, we'll revisit to you with our expert solution.

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