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IIT JEE Main 2019: Last month preparation strategy

All the IIT JEE aspirants would have detected a great deal of recommendation, got a great deal of plans, lots of schedules and a lot of to crack IIT JEE. we tend to don’t wish to waste it slow with constant previous story as you're within the final stages of preparation, within which each minute matters.


Being associate degree IIT JEE aspirant you'd recognize the extent} of competition and the amount of labour you need to place in to crack JEE. we tend to are here to relinquish you some unpunctual preparation strategy which might facilitate, flip the labour that you simply have place altogether lately to success.


Perfect Strategy for the 3 Subjects:

All the 3 subjects would need completely different methods so follow the below-explained strategy consequently at the side of your study set up.


Scoring in Physics:

A solid understanding of ideas could be a should.

Visualization is that the key issue.

Make a note of vital formulae, road tricks from a subject which can be terribly helpful after you revise daily before the examination.

Solve queries that you think that a troublesome however keep in mind to not pay longer on that as you want to follow an honest quantity of queries.

Don’t waste longer on one topic than the specified time.


Scoring in Maths:

Understand and bear in mind the formulas by memory.

Remember the steps to resolve issues.

Refer the previous year question paper to grasp the pattern of issues and so prepare consequently.

Solve several queries from each construct, particularly the tough ones.


Scoring in Chemistry:

Understand all the ideas of Organic and chemical science.

Spend longer on chemical science as there a such a lot of reactions.

Remember all the formulae and reaction mechanisms.

Solving the exercises at the tip of the chapters in NCERT books because it covers the complete programme and it'll assist you in understanding the chapters fully.


Revision is must:

It’s fully ok attempting to hide all the topics within the programme if you've got not lined already. however, that shouldn’t exclude your revision time. continually pay a substantial quantity of your time rewriting the chapters that you've got studied already. Revisions ought to assist you minimize the failure rates in resolution issues and score well.


Bonus tip:

As we've mentioned in our earlier journal, mind and body along can assist you attain your goal therefore assign your time to possess a physical activity daily, eat healthily and find enough sleep. Following of these above-said tips can sure enough assist you crack IIT JEE together with your diligence and dedication.

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